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It’s Getting Cold. Any Ideas of Where to go to Escape?

Damn it’s cold outside!  And it’s not like we’ve experienced the worst of it either.  I mean we are only in October afterall, but I’m sorry it is cold.  Every year I ask myself the same question: How am I going to survive the winter?  And every year I have the same doubts: I don’t think I can.  Each year just gets more and more unbearable.  What makes this embarrassing is that I was born in a cold climate so you  would think I would be used to it.  I mean I enjoy the recreation activities that the cold winter bring: The snowboarding, the skiing, etc.  But deep down let’s be honest, who can resist the warm welcoming ecstasy that is summer?

That being said, I always torture myself, looking up beautiful resorts in tropical paradises to escape to in the summer.  But let’s be honest, in today’s economic climate who can afford to go?  Well someday I hope to take that trip, but in the meantime here are two locations I always gravitate to when I’m looking:

CancunCancun: Oh Cancun.  Every young adult I know has heard or witnessed first hand the chaotic mayhem that can be had in Cancun.  Personally I have experience it three times in my life, so I can attest to the best of times that can be had.  The weather is great (I think I only saw it rain once in the three trips I took down there), the food is good and the scenery is next to none. But for people who think Cancun is only good for the partying type….would, for the most part be right…but there is also room for plenty of other things as well. By the pool activities, snorkeling, archaeological expeditions and so much more can be done in Cancun.  Definitely a place to hit up if the opportunity presents itself.

Jamaica: The Weather, the music and the food are things that quickly come to mind as experiences I am sure to enjoy if I were to go.  Montego Bay and Negril in particular, from what I have been told, offer up some of the best fun, food and entertainment in Jamaica. Whether you’re going to party or just to relax, similar to Cancun, you can do both. Jamaica

In terms of price, both places can be pretty steep depending on your budget ranging anywhere from $800-$1,700 all-inclusive.  Rest assured however, if this is doable, I can speak for at least one of the locations that the money is worth the experience.

-Lu Galasso


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