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Michael Jackson Video Link:

For those of you going to watch the Michael Jackson documentary: This Is It, coming out tomorrow, the following is a link to whet your appetite a little for this movie.  A pretty controversial song from the greatest of all time called They Don’t Care About Us:

Really good song though, in my opinion.

-Lu Galasso


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Movies in 2009: Well What About Them?

Well another year is slowly coming to an end.  The reality around us was riddled with an economic crisis, celebrity domestic violence, and an unfortunate untimely demise of some of the best stars we have been privileged to watch perform in our generation.  But while all this was going on in our reality, what was up with movies.  Were they good? Were they absolutely horrible?  Personally I think I can sum up the year with just one expression: meh….

I mean it wasn’t horrible.  It was good to see Ryan Reynolds in so numerous roles this year as he erupted back on the spotlight for 2009 (although we could had done without Adventureland really).  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, although story wise it fell a little flat, the eye candy aspect was stellar.  And GI.Joe was one of the blockbuster surprises of the year.  But were any of these movies, classics like The “Dark Knight”, or darmichael-jackson-this-is-it-movie-postere I say “Iron Man”?  have any of the indies piqued your curiosity for “films” like the hilarious and smart “Juno”?  All this is debatable, but on the off chance your answers are no, I bet you’re like me waiting for the what’s left in the movie column in 2009…no? …well I’ll run through a selection of movies I’m expecting to do big things anyway, in no particular order.  Maybe something will tickle  your fancy.

This Is It: So if I have to explain this one to you, you must have been in a deep hibernating sleep/coma for the last four months. This should be considered the “really final this time…trust us” farewell to Michael Jackson as they document his last days preparing for what was to be his last tour for his career in London. I’m half expecting this to break some sort of record in box offices.  Maybe something that pertains to documentaries?  Sorry Michael Moore.

saw6Saw VI: is it just me or have we found the franchise that will never end?  As long as there’s a Halloween to celebrate and a blood and gore to glorify, Saw will ever be in existence.  I just think the shock value for this movie will never die.

Astro Boy: Let nostalgia kick in to high gear for all those 80’s cartoon fanatics as the astro-boy-movie-posterwonderful trend that is turning and 80’s cartoon into a modern day movie continues.  Now all we need is the Thundercats’s movie and all will be good in movie world.  But seriously expect this to be great for kids today and decent for the older generation who simply wants to reminisce.


Twilight: The New Eye Candy…I Mean Moon…;-):  Basically this new franchise is everything that lame movie The Covenant was supposed to be with plenty of beautiful people in it for boys and especially girls alike.

2012: I gotta admit, when I first saw the trailer to this, my initial reaction was…wow!  I mean I read abou2012_movie_poster2at the premise before seeing he preview and I thought “Oh man, I thought we were done with the ‘end of the world’ type movies in the late 90’s! Is there going to be a resurgence?”  But I guess deep down I was ready for more when I saw that preview.  Gotta say I am personally looking forward to this one more so than many of the others.

a-christmas-carol-posterA Christmas Carol: I’ve never been a big fan of Jim Carrey’s over the top comedic act.  It was always just so annoying.  Until he dialed it down ever so slightly with Yes Man.  One of my favourite comedies in 2008.  That being said, while I have found new hope for him in his personal acting career, I’ve always  thought his voice to be ideal for animation.

sherlockholmesSherlock Holmes: The resurrection of Robert Downey Junior’s career continues here as he stars alongside Rachel McAdams and Jude Law for a live action adventure of the famous detective. I gotta say, when I first heard they had acquired RDJ for this role, I was elated.  They’re taking a different angle to this movie and It looks so much fun.

its_complicated_merylstreep_alecbaldwin1-500x261It’s Complicated: Alec Baldwin on the big screen is only good news and a great way to end off a less than stellar 2009.

So there you have.  Just some of the movies I am expecting to make some waves for the remainder of 2009.  Here’s hoping this finishes off the year on much more upbeat note, than the lackluster year we have had thus far.

-Lu Galasso

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Lu Galasso Says Goodbye to MJ

Myself, Lu Galasso, was a fan and will always be a fan. Whether you loved him or hated him you, over the past week there has been no way to avoid the recently deceased Michael Jackson. There has been so much controversy surrounding his death that has included everything from if he really is dead or if it’s just a publicity stunt to the short speech his daughter gave at his memorial yesterday. What I find most interesting is the impact Michael Jackson has had on the world in his 50 years of life.  The news of his death put google into threat mode ( and caused major problems in message overloads on websites like twitter and facebook. Although Farrah Fawcett had passed away on the same day, her death (unfortunately) did not cause a panic even mildly as large as Michael Jackson’s. People may argue over whether or not Michael Jackson really was the “King of Pop” but there is no denying he made his impact on the world. Michael Jackson wasn’t just a North American legand but he was internationally known. I think that was the difference between Michael and Farrah’s deaths. Farrah was mainly mourned in North America, while the world mourned for Jackson. The fact that his death was first announced over twitter caused people to “google” articles and information. It also grabbed people’s attention because his death was not officially confirmed until hours after other sources had claimed he was. Then there was the issue of his children and who was going to take custody  and where he was going to be buried and whether his funeral was going to be public or not. Then there was a backlash yesterday because many people believed that his memorial service was far too overdone when there were soldiers, firemen and other heroes dying everyday. It’s true, our society puts a lot of focus on pop culture and sometimes far too much, but watching Michael Jackson’s career from his rough childhood, to the moon walk, to hanging his child off the balcony, no more could deny that Michael Jackson defined the term “go big or go home”  and so it was pretty safe to assume that he wasn’t just going to fade away but rather he was going to go out with a bang. There was also rumors of drug overdoses and all the rest.

I’m going to go ahead and give my opinion now and you can agree or disagree with me but I really do truly believe that MJ was a harmless guy. Fine, he allegedly molested a child. I truely do not believe that was what he was doing with that little boy. Jackson was still a child at heart. He never got a real childhood and so he was still living out his childhood fantasies as an adult. Due to wealth he was able to build a place like Neverland Ranch where he could be a child all the time. Being forced to grow up when you’re five years old is going to put a lot of pressure on you and its obviously going to have repercussions. Let’s look at other examples of childhood stars, Drew Barrymore turned to drugs for awhile, Britney Spears…do I even need to explain, shaved off her hair and went a crazy for awhile, etc. When you’re a kid you are supposed to be a kid, playing with your friends on the swings, going to legoland, playing dress up, not having kids dress up as you or being followed by the paparazzi. Think how differently you’re life would have been if you hadn’t gone to high school or had your freedom to grow up and make some mistakes. I’m not saying this gets him off the hook for hanging his kid over the ledge or for completely destroying his own face but I mean, I’d probably end up doing something a little crazy too.

The guy made great music and some memorable music videos. He was the Elvis of my generation and the generation before mine. He was always the kind of guy who seemed immortal. He was Michael Jackson. You knew his name, but not much else about him. He was this guy who you speculated about and came to your own conclusions about. But to see his daughter on stage saying her own goodbye and saying she loved her father it made you realize that, like many other celebrities that we hear about, that he was a person, who was loved by his children, who took care of his children, who tried to keep them out of the spotlight by covering them up in public. He wasn’t just Michael Jackson to them, he was dad, he was a brother, he was a son. As much as the world is going to miss his music and hearing about his seemingly crazy antics, those who knew him are loosing a brother, a son, a father. Someone who wasn’t just Michael Jackson, but someone who was deeply and truly loved.

That being said, I really do hope that in their time of mourning the paparazzi and the news stations and everyone else back off and give them their privacy. If the world is grieving this much, just imagine what those closest to him feel. They need this time to rest, recover and be able to remember Michael Jackson as the person who they knew and loved and it is very disrespectful if the paps continue to invade.

I have included the link to a piece I read about Jackson this morning, where you are able to watch the video of his daughter and a few pictures of him over the years. The good and the bad.

— Lu Galasso

Lu Galasso - MJLu Galasso - jackson epaulettes

Lu Galasso - michael-jackson-dangling-baby-son

Lu Galasso - michael-jackson

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Lu Galasso

– Lu Galasso

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Lu Galasso – This Week in Pop Culture

farrahfawcettposterWell, I’m sure this comes at no surprise today but for those of you who don’t know, the lovely Farrah Fawcett lost her cancer battle yesterday. Then, only a few hours later the news came that Michael Jackson had been discovered without a pulse and the paramedics were unable to revive him, pronoucing him dead at 2:26 pm on Thursday, June 25th 2009. As sad and devestating as it was to lose one of the original Charlie’s Angels, the world was expecting Farrah to breathe her last breath sometime yesterday after she was given her last rights. When she died she was surrounded by her boyfriend and one of her closest friends and as well as her longtime friend and hair stylist. Unfortunately, her son was unable to be present at her deathbed as he has been in jail throughout her cancerous battle. Luckily for him he was granted permission to attend her funeral and he is even allowed to wear something other than his inmate clothing.

Then we have the King of Pop. Although he had a rough few years after the incident with him hanging his son over a balcony, and his career was in shambles after he was accused of having sexual relations with a young teenage boy, it is undeniable that he will forever go down in history as one of the greatest pop artists of all time. I may not have grown up with the Jackson 5 and seen him rise to fame, but his songs certaintly were a  part of my childhood. I mean come on, who didn’t try to moonwalk? In grade 8 gym class we even had to make a dance to thriller. Oh and you CANNOT forget about the free willy theme song. I used to watch the movie just for that song. Ask anyone and they likely know at least one song my Michael Jackson.

It’s strange thinking that he’s gone. It’s a very surreal feeling. He was just someone who was always around, since I was born. Someone who you never reaRIP MJlize could be gone, just like that. This was probably how people felt when John Lennon got shot or when Princess Diana got into that fatal car crash. Just, baffeled. It’s a strange kind of sorry. You don’t cry, but you mourn in some other way. You play his music constantly, you read about his life, you crack insulting jokes to make light of the situation. The rumour is that Jackson had a heart attack, but the autopsy is still confirming.

Rest In Peace you two. Jackson, you better put on a great concert in heaven…or wherever you are. Maybe you could get together with the King of rock n roll and do a duet.

For more info check out:

— Lu Galasso

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