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Couple’s Retreat: Successful Couples 101

It’s been a while since I’ve been around, but I’m back, I’ve found time again and I wanted to write a review of a movie that I saw about a week ago.  I know it’s a little late…but what the hey, better late than never right…right?!

Everybody knows those couples.  The ones where you ask yourself: How can these two be married?  What do they see in each other??  Is there ever a time when they’re not arguing???  Unfortunately more times than not these situations rarely ever have good endings.  couples_retreat_1When you’re looking back at the broken relationship with your broken hearted friend, whether boy our girl, one of the things they will often ask themselves is: I wonder if I would have benefited from some kind of therapy?  Well…at least the friends I know who’ve experienced this have asked that question.

Well Couple Therapy, in its happy go lucky humorous way does NOT answer these questions, but boy is there something to relate to for most couples on one level or another in this movie.  Now for those who don’t know the premise of this movie, it’s basically four couples who go on a tropical island paradise vacation that is intended to be a couples retreat/therapy week long session.  Jason and Cynthia, played by the witty Jason Bateman and ever beautiful  Kristen Bell, are the ones who initiate this trip, as they get a better deal with three other couples. They are the one who are trying to work out their problems, while the other couples don’t believe they have any problems to a level that needs to be brought up in counseling.  Needless to say it all hits the proverbial fan, when the trip takes place.

Now, was this movie riddled with brilliant performances, breathtaking acting skills and/or comedic off your chair, stomach workout, laughter? No. But I must say it had what felt like the right amount of humour, drama and romance to make this movie the success it was in its opening weekend.  Vince Vaughn, arguably the main attraction of the film still hasn’t given the performance I think he’s capable of giving.  I think we’re all yearning for the Vince of old (i.e. Old School, or even as far back as Swingers). But it was sufficient to carry a movie of this magnitude and he does have the majority of funny moments in the film.  Jon Favreau was great as the back up to Vince as he normally is, and Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell were great as well. The others are noteworthy but nothing overly exciting to make note of.

The story was great and something I think everybody can relate to today. In that sense It’s guaranteed to pick up the audience that will carry this movie as one of more successful comedies of 2009.  Will it make “The Hangover” type noise? Probably not.  But it’s a fun movie that I think most will enjoy.

-Lu Galasso


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