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Michael Jackson Video Link:

For those of you going to watch the Michael Jackson documentary: This Is It, coming out tomorrow, the following is a link to whet your appetite a little for this movie.  A pretty controversial song from the greatest of all time called They Don’t Care About Us:

Really good song though, in my opinion.

-Lu Galasso


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It’s Getting Cold. Any Ideas of Where to go to Escape?

Damn it’s cold outside!  And it’s not like we’ve experienced the worst of it either.  I mean we are only in October afterall, but I’m sorry it is cold.  Every year I ask myself the same question: How am I going to survive the winter?  And every year I have the same doubts: I don’t think I can.  Each year just gets more and more unbearable.  What makes this embarrassing is that I was born in a cold climate so you  would think I would be used to it.  I mean I enjoy the recreation activities that the cold winter bring: The snowboarding, the skiing, etc.  But deep down let’s be honest, who can resist the warm welcoming ecstasy that is summer?

That being said, I always torture myself, looking up beautiful resorts in tropical paradises to escape to in the summer.  But let’s be honest, in today’s economic climate who can afford to go?  Well someday I hope to take that trip, but in the meantime here are two locations I always gravitate to when I’m looking:

CancunCancun: Oh Cancun.  Every young adult I know has heard or witnessed first hand the chaotic mayhem that can be had in Cancun.  Personally I have experience it three times in my life, so I can attest to the best of times that can be had.  The weather is great (I think I only saw it rain once in the three trips I took down there), the food is good and the scenery is next to none. But for people who think Cancun is only good for the partying type….would, for the most part be right…but there is also room for plenty of other things as well. By the pool activities, snorkeling, archaeological expeditions and so much more can be done in Cancun.  Definitely a place to hit up if the opportunity presents itself.

Jamaica: The Weather, the music and the food are things that quickly come to mind as experiences I am sure to enjoy if I were to go.  Montego Bay and Negril in particular, from what I have been told, offer up some of the best fun, food and entertainment in Jamaica. Whether you’re going to party or just to relax, similar to Cancun, you can do both. Jamaica

In terms of price, both places can be pretty steep depending on your budget ranging anywhere from $800-$1,700 all-inclusive.  Rest assured however, if this is doable, I can speak for at least one of the locations that the money is worth the experience.

-Lu Galasso

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Movies in 2009: Well What About Them?

Well another year is slowly coming to an end.  The reality around us was riddled with an economic crisis, celebrity domestic violence, and an unfortunate untimely demise of some of the best stars we have been privileged to watch perform in our generation.  But while all this was going on in our reality, what was up with movies.  Were they good? Were they absolutely horrible?  Personally I think I can sum up the year with just one expression: meh….

I mean it wasn’t horrible.  It was good to see Ryan Reynolds in so numerous roles this year as he erupted back on the spotlight for 2009 (although we could had done without Adventureland really).  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, although story wise it fell a little flat, the eye candy aspect was stellar.  And GI.Joe was one of the blockbuster surprises of the year.  But were any of these movies, classics like The “Dark Knight”, or darmichael-jackson-this-is-it-movie-postere I say “Iron Man”?  have any of the indies piqued your curiosity for “films” like the hilarious and smart “Juno”?  All this is debatable, but on the off chance your answers are no, I bet you’re like me waiting for the what’s left in the movie column in 2009…no? …well I’ll run through a selection of movies I’m expecting to do big things anyway, in no particular order.  Maybe something will tickle  your fancy.

This Is It: So if I have to explain this one to you, you must have been in a deep hibernating sleep/coma for the last four months. This should be considered the “really final this time…trust us” farewell to Michael Jackson as they document his last days preparing for what was to be his last tour for his career in London. I’m half expecting this to break some sort of record in box offices.  Maybe something that pertains to documentaries?  Sorry Michael Moore.

saw6Saw VI: is it just me or have we found the franchise that will never end?  As long as there’s a Halloween to celebrate and a blood and gore to glorify, Saw will ever be in existence.  I just think the shock value for this movie will never die.

Astro Boy: Let nostalgia kick in to high gear for all those 80’s cartoon fanatics as the astro-boy-movie-posterwonderful trend that is turning and 80’s cartoon into a modern day movie continues.  Now all we need is the Thundercats’s movie and all will be good in movie world.  But seriously expect this to be great for kids today and decent for the older generation who simply wants to reminisce.


Twilight: The New Eye Candy…I Mean Moon…;-):  Basically this new franchise is everything that lame movie The Covenant was supposed to be with plenty of beautiful people in it for boys and especially girls alike.

2012: I gotta admit, when I first saw the trailer to this, my initial reaction was…wow!  I mean I read abou2012_movie_poster2at the premise before seeing he preview and I thought “Oh man, I thought we were done with the ‘end of the world’ type movies in the late 90’s! Is there going to be a resurgence?”  But I guess deep down I was ready for more when I saw that preview.  Gotta say I am personally looking forward to this one more so than many of the others.

a-christmas-carol-posterA Christmas Carol: I’ve never been a big fan of Jim Carrey’s over the top comedic act.  It was always just so annoying.  Until he dialed it down ever so slightly with Yes Man.  One of my favourite comedies in 2008.  That being said, while I have found new hope for him in his personal acting career, I’ve always  thought his voice to be ideal for animation.

sherlockholmesSherlock Holmes: The resurrection of Robert Downey Junior’s career continues here as he stars alongside Rachel McAdams and Jude Law for a live action adventure of the famous detective. I gotta say, when I first heard they had acquired RDJ for this role, I was elated.  They’re taking a different angle to this movie and It looks so much fun.

its_complicated_merylstreep_alecbaldwin1-500x261It’s Complicated: Alec Baldwin on the big screen is only good news and a great way to end off a less than stellar 2009.

So there you have.  Just some of the movies I am expecting to make some waves for the remainder of 2009.  Here’s hoping this finishes off the year on much more upbeat note, than the lackluster year we have had thus far.

-Lu Galasso

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Couple’s Retreat: Successful Couples 101

It’s been a while since I’ve been around, but I’m back, I’ve found time again and I wanted to write a review of a movie that I saw about a week ago.  I know it’s a little late…but what the hey, better late than never right…right?!

Everybody knows those couples.  The ones where you ask yourself: How can these two be married?  What do they see in each other??  Is there ever a time when they’re not arguing???  Unfortunately more times than not these situations rarely ever have good endings.  couples_retreat_1When you’re looking back at the broken relationship with your broken hearted friend, whether boy our girl, one of the things they will often ask themselves is: I wonder if I would have benefited from some kind of therapy?  Well…at least the friends I know who’ve experienced this have asked that question.

Well Couple Therapy, in its happy go lucky humorous way does NOT answer these questions, but boy is there something to relate to for most couples on one level or another in this movie.  Now for those who don’t know the premise of this movie, it’s basically four couples who go on a tropical island paradise vacation that is intended to be a couples retreat/therapy week long session.  Jason and Cynthia, played by the witty Jason Bateman and ever beautiful  Kristen Bell, are the ones who initiate this trip, as they get a better deal with three other couples. They are the one who are trying to work out their problems, while the other couples don’t believe they have any problems to a level that needs to be brought up in counseling.  Needless to say it all hits the proverbial fan, when the trip takes place.

Now, was this movie riddled with brilliant performances, breathtaking acting skills and/or comedic off your chair, stomach workout, laughter? No. But I must say it had what felt like the right amount of humour, drama and romance to make this movie the success it was in its opening weekend.  Vince Vaughn, arguably the main attraction of the film still hasn’t given the performance I think he’s capable of giving.  I think we’re all yearning for the Vince of old (i.e. Old School, or even as far back as Swingers). But it was sufficient to carry a movie of this magnitude and he does have the majority of funny moments in the film.  Jon Favreau was great as the back up to Vince as he normally is, and Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell were great as well. The others are noteworthy but nothing overly exciting to make note of.

The story was great and something I think everybody can relate to today. In that sense It’s guaranteed to pick up the audience that will carry this movie as one of more successful comedies of 2009.  Will it make “The Hangover” type noise? Probably not.  But it’s a fun movie that I think most will enjoy.

-Lu Galasso

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